What inner strengths do you possess?

How much do you appreciate the importance of having a healthy inner-strength, a healthy respect and appreciation of yourself and others?

Which the following things do you yearn for most in you life?

Harmony - Power - Stability - Freedom

How do you deal with your emotions in times of sadness?

Being with family and friends an opening with your true feelings?

Retreating and dealing with the sadness yourself?

Which of the following most symbolises how you handle things?

Your thoughts? Your intuition? Having purpose? Living with passion for life?

Which of these strengths do you possess?

Spiritual? Strength of Self and Free Will? Physical strength? Intellectual strength?

What do you value most?

Breath? Lifestyle? Morals? Integrity? Inner Strength? Non-judgment? Loyalty?

Anyone of the answers above is a right answer.

Inner strength is possible only when our thoughts, emotions, memory & fears, transcend.

And as we develop a belief in ourselves we discover that a quality called integrity arises.

A well grounded person, believing in themselves is the one who is firmly rooted in this kind of integrity, which is very rare. A person who always lives in the present moment has understood that the past nor the future can be controlled. To be in the moment is to be in the absoluteness of the present.

And in the depths of silence, if we were to remain aware and vigilant of out thoughts, allowing the transient experiences of life to disappear, our realisation of the self without the ego is a magnificent miracle.


The scientific name of marigold which is known as Tagetes, derives its name from the Etruscan God 'Tages,' the God of wisdom.

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