Healing Angels -They Come In All Shapes And Sizes

Angels walk amongst using their healing effect on everyone they meet. Some are strangers we will never know, who make a passing comment at a bus stop, but their words stay with us for ever.

Angles are by our side in times of crisis and they can be very healing. There are Angels in the Universe who respond to calls of distress – who take that little bit more time to help those who can’t keep up with the others, who see that little bit further and offer that little bit more understanding, without judgment, who’ve got that knowing that only comes from unconditional love.

Healing Angels walk among us. They can be us.

And our paths can cross at any point with other people for a reason, a season or a lifetime!

We all need to be shown the way sometimes.

Healing angels comes in all guises and shapes and sizes. They don't need wings.

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Angels don’t need to show their wings to be by your side, or to prove their existence.

Elizabeth WeyComment