The Importance of Grounding To Mother Earth

Since Mother Earth has had humans on the surface of her being, there has been interaction with her energy.

In the beginning and for many thousands of years after, there was no choice but to walk.

Because hunting, gathering food, finding water and communicating were necessary for human survival.

Everything the human did required a connection with the earth, mostly without a foot covering.

These ancestors could read the energy through their feet. Some of us still do.

They were grounded and connected.

They understood.

You may not be able to see it, but you can feel.

When your body doesn’t interact with the energy force of the earth through grounding and earthing, it’s thrown off balance.

Grounding is one of the most simplest and yet most profound ways to begin your day.

Hands in the soil, bare footed on the land, offering out prays of gratitude will bring a profound sense of welling to your day.

Ask the energies of Mother Earth to fill you with healing energy. Offer her thanks.

Love Elizabeth xx

Jayme's Hands.. a beautiful soul.. connected to Mother Earth

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Mother Earth

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