What's The Point

During some period of time everyone will ask themselves " What's the point?”

Whoever we are and wherever we come from, each of us has one thing in common we are here to discover our potential and ignite its power to become the best we can. It’s your life, your power, your way of being, your choice to be focused on what you decide is the best for your bliss. It’s more important than ever to remove the blemishes attached to guilt, shame, self-judgment, depression, failure, anxiety and anger, the negative emotions that overshadow the majority of people, allowing life to become more acceptable for normal, healthy individuals, offering support for them to explore the reason for living life on Earth, the toughest bootcamp in the Universe. For this we must rely on non-judgmental, judgment of our own personal life experiences. Unconditional understanding must involve showing acceptance of who we are, what we've done, how we think, is essential for our personal growth, 

We nurture this growth by offering ourselves, unconditional approval. 

This attitude of liberal thinking is an attitude that values us even when we know our failings. It is a profound relief to drop all pretence and confess what we believe to be our most unworthy faults, and discovering that we are still loved and accepted. To gain a clear understanding within any relationship, within life itself, we must remain free to be spontaneous without fearing the loss of face, self-esteem. 

Every human was born to discover the potential that lies within, to develop in positive, loving ways.               If we don’t make the time and effort to refocus our mind on the positive through introspection, we can’t give ourselves the opportunity to grow and develop.

This includes you and your own unique life journey.

To gain a clear understanding within any relationship, even within life itself, we must remain free to be spontaneous without fearing the loss of face, self-esteem. Every human was born to discover the potential that lies within themselves, to develop in positive, loving ways.

Holding onto ‘stuff’ over a long period of time, will definitely do damage to our mental and physical well- being. It severely impacts our life on a daily basis.  What causes such chaos to occur in our lives?

Before birth we and a Spiritual Council of guides created a life plan, tailored to meet our needs;

Material - Spiritual - Karmic.

The Divine plan had 3 elements; A Purpose - A Personal Growth Plan - Relationships 


Our purpose is a task we are here to do through our personal life, career, voluntary work, or a special projects that allow us to use our natural talents and interests to benefit humanity.


Our plan’s second element entails well-timed life events that teach us about love, and helps us to shed self-defeating thoughts.


The 3rd element involves pre-birth arrangements we made with certain people. 

They will serve as a catalyst for our purpose and personal growth.

These people may function as our family members, co-workers, friends or acquaintances.

Our interactions with these people simultaneously help them to also fulfil their own plans.

We predestined our plan as a rough outline of what our life would look like, including our purpose, significant life lessons, and relationships with particular people.

Because our choices in these matters is only a preliminary version we must choose the finer details of our plan as we go along through life.

Not an easy thing to think about as we don't know what we decided on in the first place. 

Our free-will allows us to ignore the plan completely, but, the emotional and social consequences of making choices against our better judgment can be devastating and this may affect our life a lot more than we think.

Love Elizabeth
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