Window To The Soul

Defining ourselves is not easy - the Soul knows and tries to tell us, but rarely are we prepared to listen, and if we do happen to sense the sound of a voice speaking to us, we brush it away as not being ‘real’

Our history should not define and does not define who we are as individuals.

The fact is, in terms of our greatest potential , it is generally unknown to us.


Because our Soul is a world unto itself, full of possibilities, eternal and immortal power.

We might think of it as our spirit !

Actually our potential is measureless.

The Soul is capable of telling us everything we need to know.

It speaks to us through the subconscious.

It is highly sacred, highly intelligent and with an extremely broad perspective of each journey it takes.

Its on a specific mission. To learn. To overcome the burdens weighed upon it by our human actions.

The Soul is luminous and can, and will transform, to magnify our purpose if we are willing to trust.

It takes sheer guts to step out of our comfort zone.

You’d think if we knew this we would try harder, yet we still seem to endure the pains of chaining ourselves to difficulties and challenges.

To sum this up, the window to the soul is always open, ready for business. If we use this inner knowing to our advantage, it will set us apart from the average to live an extraordinary life.

Love Elizabeth x

lantern pipe lady.jpg

Our Soul treks through many lifetimes and every time its window is wide open.