A Healing Gift For You

Energy healing is a hands on experience and some of it can be achieved for the self.

Neuro-lymphatic massage involves stimulating specific points and meridians to promote drainage of the lymphatic fluid from lymph glands, tissues, muscles and major organs. Chapman's reflexes is what this points are called. Our lymphatic system maintains fluid balance within our bodies and helps with our immune system.

Learn here how to massage your neurolymphatic points.

This diagram below shows you where the main neurolymphatic points are on the front of your  body. 

1) Identify which neurolymphatic points are associated with that you feel needs working on.

2) Massage the relevant points for around 10 seconds, once or twice a day.

If energy is blocked around a particular point, it will probably feel tender and a bit sore.

Once the sluggish energy has been broken up, it will dissipate and the right energy will be back into circulation.

With concentration on your part the tenderness will reduce, and sometimes even disappear.

Enjoy your self-healing exercise.

Love Elizabeth x

Images; Courtesy of Holistic Health

Images; Courtesy of Holistic Health

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