You Are so Much More Than you Could Possibly Imagine

If you’re going through challenging times in your life, then my heart goes out to you.

I sincerely feel for you because I’ve been there many times.

There is so much happening in our lives on a regular basis, situations that wash a multitude of complex thoughts, emotions, relationships, and identities, so much so, that we don’t even realise when its happening.

Then without warning, we crash into a wall via some extreme or unexpected situation.

When we are making choices several times a day, we tend to forget that we are gifted with the opportunity to look at the impact those choices will have on us and those around us.

It’s in those moment I’m sorry to say that we utter under our breath, "I know better…but…”

Habits and fear get in the way.

Inclusive of using the convenience in having a particular belief that will willingly rear it’s head to keep us right back there in the ‘lake of fear and retribution’.

Deep down we know we should believe in ourselves more, but our minds have been trained to know negativity so well.

To become the best version of yourself is to create your own reality,

Einstein once said “Imagination is more important than knowledge.
Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world."

The differences between imagination and reality lies with how you give permission for information to flow through your brain.

Black and white is not always so black and white.

We tend to think about the things we imagine and the things we perceive and believe then as being clearly separate, but they aren’t, imagination evokes extraordinary emotions and is more than able to clearly indicate the magnificence of our internal intelligence at work.

Connecting our imagination with any of our sensory emotions changes how we perceive the world around us which in turn determines the way we see life.

If we can change thought patterns that are negatively driven we have the opportunity of changing the nature of our attitude.

Because the human mind is more than able to look on the bright side and see the positive in anything it’s a sign that the thoughts generated by one's imagination are strong enough to change our real-world perceptions.

I’ve experienced the heartache and pain that tortures the mind, I also know what it feels like to have life turned upside down and inside out, when there seems no way to move forward.

Getting through difficulties and surmounting adversities, especially in the face of extremely trying times, is a monumental undertaking, no matter who we are.

But this is the most important time to dig deep because whatever you’re going through today, regardless of how much difficulty you’re facing, or how much conflict you’re in at the moment remember these difficult times won’t and can’t last if you decide to change your way of looking at your haves rather than our have-nots.

Believe me, as simple as this may sound, it will help.

Collapsing into a negative pattern, and the resultant pain it causes, is so debilitating., but if you can give yourself a break, if only for a few days, to let some positivity in, you can use your challenges to become a platform for something far greater.

If you take on the mindset to weather difficult times, you’ll discover new opportunities for seeing things in a positive light.

Keep in mind that life is how we choose to see it.

It’s IS all in your mind.

Your wonderful imagination.

We have the choice to look at things negatively or positively.

While that might not seem true to you right now, I promise you that no matter how things are in your life, no matter how sick you may be, or financially challenged you may be, how depressed you may be, you have the power and choice to decide on how you’ll face your adversities.

No man is an island and from time to time we all need a little support in life, and that includes needing advice on the path you are travelling. A lot of what I do in this consultation is to support you in reflecting back the intuitive wisdom that already lies within your being.

Love Elizabeth x

imagination 2.jpg

You have the right to choose how you see life.

Elizabeth WeyComment