How My Mother Taught Me The Value Of Patience- Tolerance & Forgiveness Through The Mirror Of Her Life

Back in the 50’s kids were coming off the back of our parents own upbringings , whose parents , parents were brought up in the victorian era.

So there were lots of rules.

Sit up straight - No speaking before being spoken to - NO swearing - Wear gloves when going into town.

No speaking about death - that was a big one.

I was always told the a family member died that they’d sailed away on a big ship.

Some ship!

My mother was a beautiful soul and a very pretty woman.

But she was tormented with such a huge lack of self worth.

Even though she was extremely intelligent and very well read.

There isn’t anyone that I’ve come across since, who could bake cakes, biscuits and slices like Mum.

Our house was always clean and tidy,

Because of my darling mother’s lack of self worth, she became less able to encourage in a positive way.

Wishing desperately for her children to have the life that she couldn’t fulfil for herself.

Mum was a nurse. She loved the outback. She loved to travel.

Mum was very critical.

Mum was loved.

So one day I asked my Guide , Teloris, why my mother was so critical, and why did she have such low self esteem.

Teloris responded by asking me to see Mum as a mirror - a mirror for my own life - a mirror that reflected back to me both positive and negative qualities - ones I could either accept or reject - every one a lesson .

So through the years of my upbringing I learnt to have patience and tolerance - it didn’t come easily.

But come it did, and for that I’m eternally grateful to my beautiful Mother - Thelma.

Letting go of judgment and forgiveness is essential to our own wellbeing.

When we understand a person’s inner world, it is much easier to understand their.behaviour.


Beautiful Thelma

My Mother

Elizabeth Wey