The Invisible Trap

We all want to live a happy life, of freedom, of easy flow, and of total bliss, but at some point we are likely to accept and settle for what life dishes up.

This is when we know we've lost the enthusiasm that comes with living the life our soul intended in exchange for the mundane, responsible adulthood we've fallen into.

The invisible trap of ‘giving up too soon’

When we have become comfortable with the discomfort because we know what to expect, the thats a sad thing. know what to expect. 

Maybe over the years our dreams ebbed and flowed and just as we’ve built the courage to do something about our unhappiness, fear crept in and caused us to retreat back into our comfort zone, and  once again the cycle repeated itself.

When we are left wondering if we were meant for a better life, it is the biggest sign of all for change to occur,

If you aren't doing what you love, you aren't living the life your soul intended.

Life is too short not to do what you love and when you are living the life your soul intended, you will experience freedom and bliss you never thought possible.

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