Never Give Up

When you encounter problems in life, its important not allow them to overwhelm you. 

Behind each problem, there is always a means to surmount it, too. 

Understand that it is important to forge on continue striving. 

Regardless of the obstacles in your way.. 

So often, its the most trivial matter can make you dejected 

Its only when you have the resolve to face your challenges head on that you can overcome them.

Giving into despair is an moptyo9n you must NEVER consider as a worthy.

When your environment plunges you into despair, the only remedy is hope, which is the force that drives perseverance. Instead of giving into despair, you have to assume a proactive approach to protect yourself against unnecessary despair.

Remember that  everyone struggles at some point in their life.
You are neither the only one nor are you the first one to be in tough situations. In the same way roses grow amidst thorns, and it calls for struggle to pluck them, no perfect outcome comes from not having struggles and no struggle will last forever, so we need to stay positive that the situation will get better in time.

Life can be really unfair and this is proof enough that struggle is inevitable for most of us.

Finally but by no means least, please remember that the feeling that follows ‘in not giving up’ is the best. This feeling that one faces and conquers in a setback is incomparable to any other. That empowerment which gives you a sense of greatness never departs, and the best thing of all, is that you will become a source of inspiration to others, for them to know its best never to give up.

Love Elizabeth xx

Believe in yourself …..

Believe in yourself …..