Did The Unicorn Ever Exist?

A warm welcome into my world, where past life regressions go hand in hand with amazing time zones and other dimensions.

Where the history of your entire existence over multiple lifetimes over, lies deep within your subconscious.

My circle of friends are a mixture of well-educated people and this who have connections with clairvoyants, crystal healers and mediums, psychics,  and the like.

Some are a mixture of religious church going souls,  but mostly they are opened minded spiritual people going about there business believing in one thing or another.

Some of them only believing in secret.

Let me be clear at the outset.

It has taken years for me to develop a trust and faith in what I now accept as a very real belief.

Though not because of the pressure of any one single person or religious belief, but by way of a slow and methodical system I developed that was grounded and factual to my liking.

I’m left to ponder the thought of whether the boundaries of “normal expectations about spiritual beliefs ” are too confined to fearful outcomes. to what honestly happens to be a very safe and real awareness.

There is a friend of mine who is a true-blue atheist, someone I managed to successfully regress. 

Although he was hesitant to actually admit the regression had a positive outcome, he was also left in no doubt that the information she received from her subconscious was valid and undeniable.

It also turns out that he is also an extraordinary healer with the most amazing healing hands .

Although I’m still unable to convince him about where this energy comes from!

And that’ ok to because we should never be pushed into someone else beliefs.

We must always arrive at our own conclusions.

He isn't particularly perturbed by this awareness but he did, with reluctance, admit that he’s an empath and that he is fully aware that he feels people’s feelings and soaks their energy up like blotting paper. 

Recently a client took me into another dimension, the place where Unicorns once existed it would have been quite easy to dismiss her inner word as fantasy. 

Except for one tiny weeny little fact, she was deep in regression.

Oh, it would be easy to dismiss this as a memory from childhood that’s lain waiting dying to reemerge, but for the fact that she could expand into exquisite detail, a complete description of that dimension.

The scope of the information made me wonder about what lies dormant in the minds of others.

Credibility is top currency in today´s world, particularly if you are doing this kind of work.

Honestly, I do understand that many people would feel uncomfortable with experiences that cannot be clinically tested or proven with any solid scientific evidence.

Or that that they think might lose control.

This is never the case.

The trouble is some of us don't want to be shaken from the core beliefs our ‘safe inner- world’.

In the absence of evidence I know it would be easy for you to dismiss these kinds of experiences as the fabrication of some fantastical mind that’s had a life long passion for reading and movie watching.

Choosing to have a peek into what we have been, where ewe have traveled, who we are, surely can’t do any significant harm to our sense of self.

There are imposters of course, like there are in any industry.

Taking advantage of the vulnerable is never acceptable. 

If you have questions that need answering, anxieties and stress that needs eliminating, health 

issues that won’t go away, well what is there to lose?

The quantum leaps taken by people in the world we live today, searching for answers beyond their comprehension, is not a place to deny the authenticity of these experiences.

Because that’s what they are, personal healing experiences. 

We have no way of knowing how another person sees their world.

Should you ever be lucky enough to experience the presence an Archangel or a Unicorn, then I suggest you embrace the experience wholeheartedly.

A wonder world is surely much more fun to live in than a world based on logic, and ego controlled and driven thoughts. 

Why allow rules and regulations to form who we are, when the subconscious can and will take us everywhere and anywhere.

I’m told the Unicorn still exists, but are not for us to see,

Only God only knows , He also knows what man would do.

Love Elizabeth x

Past Life Regression



As no one has ever never seen God, what right do we have to challenge the existence of Unicorns…

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