How To Have Self-Worth

How many of us have private suicidal thoughts.

Even though we are not suicidal and have no desire to end our life. 

Lets face it we even ask ourselves who would miss us if we were actually gone. 

We might think, who cares that we are here.

Yet underneath these thoughts we really do know that people do care that we’re here.

So the question to ask is whether we care enough about ourselves.

That may seem an absurd question to ask ourselves after we’ve decided that we don’t want to end our life.

It  seems to me that these feelings stems from a pulsating feeling of unworthiness, that dull painful sense of not belonging. 

This cry for help, in reality is the awareness of honesty with the ‘self’, to look inside and see what it is that we don't like about ourselves,

Being needed is such a basic craving for any one person.

We all want to be needed : by our family and the others we care for.

But what happens when we don’t like ourselves?

When we realise it is ‘ourself’  that we don't  approve of, is when the real healing begins.

All those years of feeling  unworthy of being loved ( abandoned even) in believing we are undeserving, can have a powerful affect on our mental well being 

Could our depressed feelings be based around something this simple?  Yes they can.

Do you have to love yourself before you can love someone else or be loved by someone else?

 Is that a myth? Of course, we are here to show each other love, something some of us need to give more of to another at certain times

Nobody chooses, or likes to be vulnerable, but vulnerability is key to opening our hearts.

We protect ourselves with many guises to hide our vulnerability with all the confidence we can muster, but because we are not being our authentic self we can never be truly happy.

No one is really aware of what you clothe your ‘self’ in because they are struggling with their own issues. 

Of course we care about our image, but all these things are only disguises that hide the person who remains feeling unworthy.

We need to penetrate the membrane of ‘ feeling’ of who we are from inside the image we project,

When we start to feel uncomfortable in our own skin then its the soul reminding us that things need fixing.

Our negative thoughts have everything to do with our feelings of unworthiness and they need to be accepted and loved fas they are the opportunity for growth.

When we look outside to be likes in order to feel good ? Well that’s never going work.

We need to be proud of ourselves and our lives, our accomplishments, and accept our choices, right and wrong, as brilliant lessons for our human journey.

We have every right to hold our head up with confidence and know that we matter, that our ideas, opinions and beliefs do matter.

A lot. 

Love Elizabeth

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Learning to love ourselves is not an overnight process.