The Power Of Flowers

It is very easy to benefit from your relationship with nature.

Flowers describe the attributes that they hold through their form, function and behaviour. 

The way they grow and attract pollinators; the way they look, smell, taste, feel and even sound, are all indications of this. From closely observing these beautiful works of Nature’s Art, you invite an opening into the world of the language of flowers.

For thousands of years humans have been translating the language of plants into flower and plant meanings in order to pass the information down to each generation.

Because of this, today you are able to benefit and learn which flowers can heal, nourish, harm or delight you, and how you can care, in turn, for nature. 

Sometimes the various meanings of flowers appear to contradict each other.

This is because, like the human life. flowers also have a light and shadow and, on occasion, the shadow side is stronger in certain flowers and can manifest as the complete opposite of the more positive meaning it contains.

The shadow inclusion is therefore important, but the intention and the meaning you are focused on must be very carefully considered. 

Two questions I’m often asked;

 “Does a plant still have the meaning of the flower even if it isn’t in bloom?’ 

The answer is yes, it does.

The meaning is still there but it is reduced somewhat by the absence of a blossom. 

“Can I talk to a flower and receive a reply"?”

The answer is absolutely… not only will you receive a reply. True!

They also respond to beautiful music …

The meanings of flowers are there, you just need to quieten yourself and listen.

The dahlia (The photograph I took whilst in India) is a spicy flower, and its meanings range from a sign of warning, to change, to travel, to even a portent of betrayal. The varied symbolic meanings of the dahlia make this flower a wild card.

Give to that unique, eclectic person whom you wish to compliment his/her wild side.

Combine them with slender flowers like irises or tulips for a striking visual display as well as a combined symbolic message that says “temper your adventures with a kind heart.”

A mix with other flowers also tempers the bold message that naturally comes with the dahlia.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog today.

Why not take the time to do some research on the meaning of flowers and discover why you are drawn to loving a particular one.

Work with the flowers and you will find the energy of these gifts from Mother Earth are empowering and incredibly beneficial.

Love Elizabeth x

The Hydrangea flower symbolizes honesty and gratitude. 💎