Personal Gain


Why for is it so difficult for us to make changes in our life?

The power struggle between being unyielding of life, as opposed to sustaining a power of will.

No matter who we are or what we do, the material world offers us a constant plethora of enticing delights.

Our willingness is essential for strengthening our determination to have self control, in order to achieve a sense of self and peace.

Personal gain should only be measured by the step we take to achieve it. It has nothing to do with material wealth.

When we go about things in a wilful manner. In other words we know what we want and well do anything to get it, we are actually going against and being uncooperative with the Divineness within, one that is always abundantly flowing through our inner wisdom.

If we try and choreograph our future through a wilful manner, we will remain trapped.

if we learn how to tap into the spiritual understanding in how to recognise what it is our soul needs for its learning, then we have the capacity to welcome our life experiences and receive the gifts we deserve.

For personal gain to manifest you have to remember that willingness is the state of allowing.

And allowing is your ability to cooperate with rather than control the flow of Divine inspiration that will surely follow.

Love Elizabeth x