Not all that exists can be seen or heard.

We are limitless in our knowing, yet we limit our knowing by being afraid of what we cannot see.

There are simple some things that are meant to be felt.

We might say look at the wind.

For sure we can see its energy but the truth is we cant see its solidness.

So in saying that, some things simply need to be need to be felt through the heart.

Love - Grief - Wonderment - Spirt

Through fear we limit our potentiality.

Yet, if we were choose to use our intuition and develop the practice of believing in the things we feel, all manner of miracles occur.

As we travel through our lives, there will always be signposts, beacons of light, that are guiding us through the highs and lows towards the to opportunities that are patiently waiting for us.

We just have to accept that through this lives we will need to remain vigilant and prepared for those unexpected moments.

Why ?

Because we can’t always have the protection we want and are so used too having.

To accomplish our life purpose to its fullest we have to lose sight of the safe harbour and swim into the vast unknown, where there are unlimited possibilities for our dreams to manifest.

Anything and everything is possible.

What is your life-path taking you?

Be kind always

Love Elizabeth.

Bachelor of Humanistic Science.


Stop worrying about what you cannot change - start living.