Quartz Crystals For Healing?

Healing with crystals and herbs are some of the most ancient of spiritual tools ever used to aid in the recovery of illness and wounds.

With permission received, I’m able present to you an exquisite mantra, relayed to me from a young woman with whom I was doing a past life regression.

Having had no previous experience with spiritual work, especially crystals, this beautiful prayer validates the authenticity of this story.

in the forest she was a student of a very old woman - a healer.

I had asked the girl in the regression what the old lady had taught her to say before doing any kind of healing. The old lady only every used clear quartz when healing.

Here it is, a precious, precious humble prayer. ©

We are all connected

Connected to the trees and the plants and to the animals.

And I take all the light of the Earth so that I'm myself within it.

It is the warmest light and I respect the connection that's been given to

me through how I use it to help these beings, to be the best of

my abilities and I know that the light protects me every step of the way ©

It is said that when a human enters into a relationship with a crystal, the crystal emits a vibration which extends and amplifies the user’s mind.

I believe its higher purpose is to be of service to humanity for the connection to greater knowledge and also for the removal of pain and suffering.

With proper understanding, a healer uses theses tools to release negative thought forms that have created issues in the first place.

My study of crystals is relatively new, although I have been using them intuitively for the past 30 or so years.

Using crystal for healing work is much in the same way as a laser works.

It scatters rays of energy and makes the energy field so coherent and unidirectional, that a tremendous force is generated.

The crystal, then, when used with love, makes the energies into a pattern exactly fitting the life energies of the person seeking to be healed, then ampules its affect for healing.

The quartz crystal is considered the strongest power material of all.

Quartz crystals can be used for rebalancing and cleansing blocked chakras.

This is how it works - you place the quartz crystal on the chakra body region and your energy works through and with the crystal.

The cleansing and healing action ay be induced by either the energy of the healer or the person in need of the chakra balancing.

When the healer is the active energy source, the subtle energy is transmitted from the healers palm chakra, though the crystal and into the persons unbalanced chakra.

While the healer focus their mind fully on the process.

This is such a minuscule, minute part of an enormous plethora of information - information that one person could not possibly learn in one lifetime.

One of my most trusted colleagues Helena Lancaster of https://www.abundanthealingwisdom.com is a powerful crystal healer.

Both Helena and I use these spiritual tools in our work.

Whether it be in a personal face to face healing or distant healing.

Here is one last bit of information that you may like.

Quarts crystals are amplifiers of the energies of consciousness and can be used as a visualisation tool when meditating.

In the next workshop I will hold - Meditating With The Quartz Crystal - you will learn how to raise your vibrations and uplift your consciousness to a higher frequency level.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog.

Love Elizabeth xx

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Sprit quartz is a crystal of harmony and alignment. Its essence is perfect for uplifting the spirit and mind.

Sprit quartz is a crystal of harmony and alignment. Its essence is perfect for uplifting the spirit and mind.