The Good Life

Progress is achieved not by luck or accident, but by working on yourself every day - Epictetus

Most of our lives are lived on autopilot - habitual movements that take us from morning to night, day in, day out.

Not for one moment do we stop to think of changing the way in which we do things. Life is a bit like wearing comfy shoes - we may buy new ones occasionally - but we tend to go back to the ones that feel just right.

Changing direction is a principal worthy of effort. However, we need to practice it each and every day for it to become the change you want to see in ourselves..

Trialling new beliefs and habits take more than teaspoon of courage .

But well worth the while, if you care enough about yourself.

How often do you find yourself doing or listening and at the same time going over entirely different thoughts in your head.?

How often do you fully immerse yourself in the present moment?

I think I’d be safe in saying - not often.

Dwelling over the past, worrying about things that haven’t occurred yet, stops you from enjoying the present.

As the moments tick over, they cannot be regained - think about that for a minute.

Repeat - As the moment tick they cannot be regained.

It’s a sobering reality.

It means you’ve been spending far too much time and energy on things you cannot change or do anything about. What is the point of dredging up painful memories that are over, keeping yourself bathed in misery?

Why be unhappy before you need to be?

Worrying and fretting about what might happen is like betting on a three legged horse coming first in a race.

By putting all your attention into changing old thought patterns and habits will bring a salve to your poor overworked brain.

I guess you’ve realised by now that worrying doesn’t change a thing. It definitely doesn’t solve your worries.

The trouble is if you worry about the past, the present and the future all the time it can only mean one thing, you are punishing yourself twice over.

Firstly , by allowing your wild imagination to go overboard.

Secondly, you are facing whatever has devoured every ounce of your courage for weeks and months before..

To have a good life, not only means having a safe roof overhead and enough food to survive, some clothing on your back and a bit of money aside. None of this matters one iota, unless you are prepared to silence the punishing thoughts in your mind and bring yourself to a place where you can avoid worrying and create a sense of acceptance and stillness of what is.

Fulfilment cannot possibly be attained through worry.

Most of our fears never evolve, so stop imagining an outcome before it happens!

Why worry before you have to? Bad things do happen. That’s life.

But good things do as well.

Obviously there are times when we have something to be concerned about, rational thinking tells us this.

But if we spend too much time expending our mental energy of ‘What if’s” about the future, we are depriving ourselves of enjoying the present moment.

If something is within your control, focus on what you can do to guide the situation .

If you have no input them just allow it to go in the direction its meant to.

Fear is a dastardly plug that can flood our mind in a millisecond.

So how do you wish to lead a good life?

Perhaps focusing on what you can change and accepting the things you cannot.

Perhaps by letting go of old habits and decide on what you can do that does give you a sense of wellbeing.

There are so many opportunities available for to you to willingly embrace.

If you can do this and stop being a misery pants and let go of allowing your emotions that DRAG you around like a rag doll ,hither and thither, you will succeed.

Stop being judgmental and self-centred. Stop being gloomy and unpredictable.

These are the habits you need to break right now.

Exchange your current attitude - for the GOOD LIFE.

Everything you do takes energy - as the say it takes only on 26 muscles to smile - but 62 to frown.

If anything, by changing your habitual thoughts, you’d save on a lot on botox! treatment :)

Enjoy your day

Love Elizaben x

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You ARE capable of change.🌸