Why Is Reincarnation Necessary?

A lot of people think that when we die, it's over and there's nothing else.

But what would be the purpose of the life then?

Consider the whole earth as one training school. We cannot complete our training unless we study and graduate from one level, move on to the next level and continue this process till we attain mastery.

This is the fundamental and most important reason for reincarnation.

Most of the other reasons are offshoots of this reason.

The Spirit World is the real home of soul. The earthly world is, so to speak, a foreign school visited for a period of time for spiritual training.

We reincarnate over and over again to experience life from different perspectives and cultivate ourselves in an infinite number of directions. Learning the lessons properly is the key to our spiritual growth and eventual freedom from the cycle of birth and death. Our spiritual growth depends on how well we learn our lessons.

After the soul has learnt all the lessons required to be learnt, it does not have to reincarnate. However, such a soul may choose to reincarnate to help in the evolution of the other souls who are still caught in the cycle of birth and death.

The main work done by such souls when they reincarnate is teaching. T

hey work for creating a shift in the consciousness of the people on earth.

Each time a soul reincarnates on earth as a human, it loses all memories of its past lives on earth.

This is necessary in order to start again from zero and acquire a new personality. After experiencing life on earth for several decades, the physical body dies and the soul returns to the Spirit World. People who led a life with a wrong mind, for example, led a self-centered life take a little longer to heal, but we all do.

On the other hand, souls who worked diligently with their spiritual training on earth and improved their enlightenment, return back to spirit and share all their experiences and learned lessons with their mentor souls residing in the Spirit World. In this way, the souls, who belong to the same soul group, share all that is learnt each time when one of them returns from their time on earth. The guiding light amongst these beautiful beings, helps us to draw up a reincarnation plan for our soul so there is a greater chance to acquire a lot of knowledge and increase enlightenment.

The times when the great Guiding Spirits of Light descend to earth to teach the Truth, are great opportunities for the soul to make big leaps in its spiritual progress.

What can be learnt in this lifetime is very precious us and the equivalent to the amount of knowledge our souls can acquire through numerous reincarnations; consequently, the souls born onto the earth at this time bear a great responsibility.

Love Elizabeth x