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The Essence Of Healing is a powerful place for energy healing practice based in Queensland, Australia .

Hello, my name is Elizabeth Wey.

I specialise in practicing holistic health healing, chakra healing, spiritual healing, emotional health, improvement and soul spiritual guidance.

Energy healing comes in many forms and each one is powerful and unique in its own way.

My focus is on ensuring that your personal issues are for utmost importance during a session of healing..

I use my healing abilities, knowing they are a gift from Spirit, and therefore I treat this knowledge with great respect.

Over time I’ve helped many people improve their physical , mental and spiritual wellness

With this gifted, powerful energy, I assist in clearing and releasing negative energy out and away from your body, situations that have blocked or hindered in the body.

Being healthy, both physically and mentally is important for us all.

Wellbeing and a positive mindset is essential to a happy life.

These days the stress levels among people is increasing, we are under more extreme pressures.

Eventually, we give into stress, anxiety and depression and coupled with other extraneous issues we get sick, fall out of balance or simply give up.

To change your mental condition, I spend time discovering the root cause..

Compassion and empathy, non- judgement and unconditional love are essential components of this work.

Everything comes about from an emotional wound of some kind, whether its been self-inflicted or imposed upon you.

Using my intuitive awareness, I will encourage you to identify the real reasons for your imbalance.

The  energy healing treatments I provide are for both your human and spiritual growth.

Most importantly, I take the time to understand how best to serve and support you so that you can continue on with enjoying life with a refreshing perspective.

By increasing your awareness, you’ll find that all the other related issues generally change for the better.

We tend to blame things outside of ourselves, other people, difficult situations.

The truth is we have to change our own attitude within ourselves.

The Sacred Subconscious technique allows you to review your life in the past and have a clear mind to think what you truly want for your future.

The energy healing sessions and mindful guidance, can open up your latent potential to increase your self-confidence.

By helping you improve your awareness, you will gain clarity.

And when you have clarity you’ll be able to embrace and understand the purpose of you existence.

Thank you

Bless you

Love Elizabeth xx


All you’ll require to experience a healing is your willingness to believe in its simplicity and the powerful results that follow after.