The Fabric Of Our Thoughts

Our body is the temple, and the quality and depth of our choices create the fabric that covers our mind, and spirit.

The life we choose to live, the body we have, the relationships we’ve developed and the amount of satisfaction we feel about ourselves, is a direct result of the decisions we’ve made and the thoughts we’ve chosen to have.

. Accepting responsibility for our life equips us with the strength and vitality to enjoy life. 

The renewal of our awareness begins when we take full responsibility for our life.

When we are unhappy with our current situation, we are quick to place the blame onto others.

Placing blame outside of ourselves does feels more comforting at the time, the trouble is the stops us from stoping long enough to look inside to see what our part in that role has been.

Every single person on this planet, wherever they may be, whoever they are, cannot truly free themselves of burdens if they continue to look outside of themselves.

At any moment we can make the changes and start to transform our lives.

By making different choices and choosing different thoughts we can heal ourselves.

Irrespective of how others are behaving with things that are generally 100% out of our control, we must begin the healing process by focusing on the thoughts and words we choose to use.

Have you ever observed yourself for an entire day to witness how you speak and what you think?

Scary experience, but most revealing.

Developing a stronger self-awareness about how we behave, challenges us to strengthen our inner fortitude.

It develops a spirit that refuses to be defeated.

When we have nothing and no one to address issues but ourselves, not only do we become truly free, we become all- powerful.

When we are under the influence of judgment and non-forgiveness the desire for revenge is extremely short -sighted.

We leave little caring for the fate of the future of our ‘feeling- well- within’

If we use harsh words, or dish out retribution for an injustice that we have felt, we are the ones who suffer.

It is our Soul that suffers the most, because it knows a return journey for another lifetime is inevitable.

Given the huge benefits of loving the self, don’t you think its time to start creating a strong and luminous fabric to clothe yourself in?

Love Elizabeth x


Free your thinking - free your life…❤️