Why Does Knowing About Past Lives Matter?

Often what can appear to be a calamity to us can in fact be the end of a huge life lesson.

The unique lives you experience during your Soul’s journey towards enlightenment are for you to learn from, and they are a rich and necessary part of our growth.

When a trained therapist can expertly delve into the labyrinth of the phenomenal, all-powerful Subconscious they are able to skilfully bring your deepest knowing of past -life experiences to life.

The sum of all our fears will invariably draw us towards sobering and complex misunderstandings, and blind us to the flawless and magical mysteries of life.

However, by revealing a past life and communicating with the Subconscious, you can walk through the golden gateway of potentials and possibilities.

Past Life Regression is a bold and fearless exploration into the fundamental core of your existence, one that will hopefully ignite a fire of hope within you and generate a deeper understanding of why you are here on this boot camp we call Earth.

Love Elizabeth.


Discover the amazing past life stories in this book as they unfold in perfect order - Earth - The Toughest Bootcamp In The Universe

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