The Throat Chakra

Imagine the brilliant blue colour of the sky on a clear sunny day and you’ll be able to easily visualise the colour of the throat chakra.

This extremely important chakra relates to communication.

The way you show love to yourself, the way you express yourself to others.

That dry cough, the throat that tickles, the sore throat, these symptoms and more can be the cause of not allowing your thoughts to flow naturally.

Holding back words that need to be said is not good, neither is letting go and not speaking with compassion and understanding.

Both actions can create throat issues, as well affecting the thyroid.

This s the chakra affected by your verbal and nonverbal engagements of thought.

We validate ourselves and others by understanding and hearing the feelings expressed. In our communication with others acknowledging a feeling can verify,

You are important. You are valuable. You are worth listening to.

Do you always speak your truth?

Do you say what you feel?

Do communicate, do you then analyze and criticize what you said?

Do you fear being judged when you’re thinking about expressing your feelings and opinions?

How to balance your Throat Chakra

In doing this exercise you have to say what you mean and mean what you say, otherwise it will not work.

  1. Find a place to sit quietly and in comfort. Do not cross your legs or feet.

  2. Take three deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. 

  3. Hint: concentrate on the tip of your nose when you are taking these breaths.

  4. Gently place your writing hand in front of your throat .

  5. Holding onto your favourite crystal or pendulum in the other hand.

Close your eyes and begin by using  a soft, circular counter- clockwise motion as if you are winding in the energy of the healing words you'll be expressing while saying aloud:

I’m releasing the blockages I have in holding back my thoughts to avoid conflict

I’m releasing the ideas that my words are not worthy of hearing.

I’m releasing the impression of myself that I don’t know how to speak my truth

I’m releasing the feeling that I have of feeling powerless when others speak for me

I release having to question everything I say

I have the right to say what I feel.

Repeat this until you feel a shift. 

And you will.

When you feel this shift of energy you can go onto the next part of the experience.

I give myself permission to express myself thoughtfully

I give myself permission to express my feelings

I know that from now on I’ll be  comfortable with what I express in words.

I know I have to create communications that reflect respectful thoughts

I know that when I’m speaking my truth and I’m supported by my self-belief

Continue to keep you eyes closed and  breathe in the image of that brilliant sky blue light  I wrote of earlier. See it filling your Throat Chakra…. feel it expanding and opening as the power of universal energy fills and heals, balances and energises your throat, jaw, teeth, thyroid 

Now put both hands over your throat and say aloud;

My Throat Chakra is now balanced and energised.

I thank my higher self and the universal energies.

Happy Throat Chakra Balancing

Love Elizabeth x

throat chakra crystal.jpg

During any difficult conversations there is a way to release the negative energy around it. Express clearly what you wish to explain, free from any judgment of self or others. Remind yourself you are safe in speaking your truth.