Chinese Whispers

Inaccurate gossip is often referred to aa'Chinese whispers'.

A truth spoken from one person to another is dangerous, because repeated conversations will always differ slightly from the original, till finally the telling bears only a scant resemblance to the original.

It’s been said, knowledge is power.

Unfortunately, many people like to repeat things they know little of, often damaging information about others.

Whether true or not, it can hurt people a lot.

There are no winners.

Karma takes care of those who repeat any form of gossip that eventually hurts someone.

Bullying is a prime example;

The dangerous part about Chinese whispers is that it steals another person’s reputation.

As with all forms of gossip, there’s no way of knowing what is truth or lies.

There’s an old saying, stick and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

That’s not true.

Chines whispers can cause extreme pain.

f you don’t want it done to you, don’t do it to others.

How often do we forget to stop to consider if something is true or not?

How often do we slightly adjust or fill in details from our own perspective, perhaps evenexaggerating here and there so we can get the right reaction.

The trouble is we find ourselves becoming tale tellers of the worst kind.

Those who relish in wanting to know about disputes an giving opinions, are causing themselves untold damage.

In the end, it never pays to whisper words that belittle anyone.

Words are potent.
They can encourage or demolish, inspire or shatter a persons life.
— Elizabeth Wey

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She said.. he said.

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