Be Still In Your Heart

Throughout our journey’s in life, there will always be the possibility of violent challenging storms rolling in. 

And so we become more and more afraid of what might happen to us.

How often do we ask for everything to be right in our lives, but we don’t stop to listen or to be still?  

The act of being still and getting quiet becomes more of a challenge in our hectic world. The world forces us to be busy. 

Yet who is it that asked us to be still so that we can find peace and guidance.

Along with busyness comes the fearful and anxious thoughts we hold onto. It’s been stated that we have upwards of 50,000 thoughts a day. Those thoughts aren’t always good ones.

You know the ones, I can’t believe I messed up, I’m an idiot, I can’t do it, It’s too hard, I’m a failure, I’m a fraud, I’m too old, I’m too young….. 

We must learn to hush our fearful and anxious thoughts

“Why are we so afraid?  Why do we have such little faith in ourselves?”

Quieting the mind, requires practice. 

Many people are intimidated by silence.  

Silence can cause you to address issues that you might be running from. 

It’s easy to fill each day with busyness and then block out concerns through hours of mind-numbing television viewing, Internet surfing or reading magazines.  

None of these activities are bad, however, if they are used to fill a void that is not being filled, over time, the toll will manifest itself in the form of lost relationships, lost opportunities and lost dreams never being fulfilled.

The next time you have fearful and anxious thoughts that are raging within, silence those thoughts by saying,

“Peace, be still my heart.” When you need strength and help, let go trust you are being cared for by a power far greater than the greatest power on earth.

Kindness to the ‘self’ matters

WE all matter

Love Elizabeth xx


Stillness brings peace to any heart..💛