Loneliness is a secretive partner.

It lurks in the shadows, waiting to pounce the moment you feel isolated.

Even when you ARE in a room full of people.

Loneliness’s only task is to keep you disconnected from reality.

Loneliness can be a complex and painful feeling - it’s more than just feeling sad. It can bring up other strong feelings inside us that are sometimes hard to deal with.

Our brains are wired for connection with other people.

We always have choices of course.

Some of us enjoy solitude and because of this we are all different and loneliness affects each of us differently.

When we start to feel distant from people in our lives loneliness can begin to creep in.

Loneliness is a feeling, not a fact.

It is also a sign that something needs to change.

 It is horrible, painful, scary, desolate feeling and because the brain is hard-wired to feel pain and danger to keep us alive to accepts all forms of pain.  

Our the brain tries to make sense of these feelings and is mostly confused by them because it isn’t the acute pain that say a broken arm can produce.

The we are lonely, vulnerability of our feelings stops us from opening up and connecting.

We don’t want to feel a burden, a failure that we haven’t been able to get our act together.

The real truth is that by opening up and having meaningful and honest conversations with someone you trust can provide connections to a safe, and trusting relationship which goes long way to defeating those soul destroying moments of loneliness.  

Kindness and generosity of spirit go a long way to helping each other and its good to remind ourselves that everyone is dealing with something.


Loneliness is a scourge, because we are hard-wired to connect.

But  It need not be permanent, because at any moment you can choose to reach out. 

Excuses will hold you back.

Excuses are our way of protecting our vulnerability, our responses to things we believe are out of our control.

Nothing is out of our control.


Loneliness is a scourge, but it need not be permanent, however.

You can choose to reach out. 

But who DO you ask?

WHO do you trust enough to be vulnerable with?

WHO cares about me you think?

Loneliness can be overcome.

However it does require a conscious effort on our part to make a change.

Making a change is a courageous move but in the long run, it will make you a lot happier, healthier, and it will enable you to impact those who have not made it yet.

Lonely people often expect rejection but it is a false expectation.

Loneliness can coat your thoughts with a thick dose of desolation.

Beyond the social moments, the laughter, the sense of human connectedness there are still the times when you are you can experience the emptiness of being alone.

Loneliness can drives people apart or it draws them together.

So what I’ve decided to do is to draw people away and out of the loneliness vortex by establishing a once a month meet-up group.

Beginning with some simple social interactions.

Male and Female - no age barrier.

Simple conversations - bringing people together.

Just a small donation fee of $5.00 to help pay of the hire of a space and the old coffee/tea thing.

Contact me:



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Most of us have times where we feel a sense of loneliness, so don’t think you are alone in feeling lonely. Making just one change even just a small one will help reduce your sense of isolation.