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Some believe that where we are born decides our future, but the question is, can we shape our own destiny?

Overcoming adversity will always be down to personal determination no matter how much the odds are may be stacked against us. 

Do you feel your fate was decided by where you were born and the family you born into?

Have you overcome adversity in your life and succeeded against all odds?

How did that happen?

What can you, as an individual, do to shape your own destiny?

We may believe that our destiny is to live with challenges that are more difficult to deal with while watching others succeed, but the truth is the battles we’ve chosen are there to challenges our determination.

If we give up on our battles to soon , we will never know what may be there just ahead of us.

We can change our destiny and we can do anything with our life, no matter where we were born . 

It is all about believing in ourselves , now matter where we come from.

Whatever our troubles there is not a reason on earth to give up and believe that our destiny is related to our birth place and family circumstances

It is a known fact that environment shapes the human being, but we are always the architect of our future, where we were born does play a big role in our lives, yet how easily we get lost in the understanding for our existence on earth.

To a greater degree, it’s the way we choose to live our life that determines our future, regardless of where we came from.

Our ancestral genes can definitely determine how far we go but no matter how fortunate we are - or not - it is still up to us as individuals to create a life for ourselves that gives us purpose.

Undoubtedly, we are, to a a large measure, the product of our environment, but remaining One Step Ahead in life will always be determined by our outlook on life.

Listen …destiny is calling YOU

Love Elizabeth x


Always be that One Step Ahead …