Are You OK?

“’Are you okay?’ is a question we are asked, or a question we often ask others.

And our usual response is .” I’m OK” or “I’m fine”

This can be the first clue that things really aren’t fine at all.

There is a huge difference between ‘OK’ and wellness.

Wellness is when there is a state of an optimal blending between the body, mind and soul.

There are many kinds of stress levels that we cope with internally. The trouble is some of us find it painful to be asked; ‘Are you okay?’ due to fear that once we start talking, it will be hard to stop.

Most who are asking about your wellbeing are likely doing so out of concern.

However, please remember that those who are in your full confidence really are there as your support.

But how do you handle caring questions from people you value but don’t wish to give a complete accounting of your suffering or those who you don’t feel are capable of handing the whole truth?

Finding balance is the best solution. Some of us like to vent, others more like their own space.

So really, this is about setting boundaries.

Understanding yourself enough to know whether you think it is weak to speak of a problem, or whether it is fear and judgment that holds you back from revealing your inner turmoil is very important.

At the end of the day if you find that you’re not in an emotional place to talk and find someone’s questioning intrusive, your best to go within and do what is right for you.

Most of us tend to acquire defense mechanisms and coping strategies by hit and miss, and by repeating the same old responses to each new challenge which have taken us through situations in the past, but unless we are prepared to look at how those responses have worked for us in the past we will remain in the same stagnating pond of the “I’m OK” syndrome - regardless of how beneficial or destructive it may be.

Everyone can benefit from having a sounding board and usually we find that the person we opening upon to are no less than holding onto stress and worries than we are ourselves.

If we choose to hold onto ‘stuff’ then we have to learn do self- deal with it and be positive in our response to “Are you OK” and answer yes, and mean it.

To be ok you need to establish new thought patterns.

Practicing inner -quietening routines that will allow you to have a ‘relaxed response’ to questions about how you are,

Fatigue and exhaustion from worry is draining. The poor old body is working hard to combat your thought patterns . Vitamins and meditation go a long way to help prevent stress related reactions. Meditation allows us to tap into our higher-self , wherein lies a vast resource of knowledge, guidance and inspiration.

Coming to you soon will be details announced for a ‘ MEDITATION WORKSHOP’ especially designed to release the stresses and limiting unnatural nature of imprisoning your ‘personal freedom within’.

Love Elizabeth xx