You Can Measure Your Height But You Can't Measure Your Heart & Soul

Do you know why you can measure your height but you can't measure your heart and Soul?


Your heart and Soul are immeasurable.

No matter who you are or what you have done, or how guilty or shamed you feel or how much you lack in self- worth or self- love, you are a matter of great importance to your Soul.

Your heart is the epicentre of all that you are, and the doorway to your Soul.

A place where the most sacred of sacred lights is either dimmed or aflame, because it is wholly reliant on your emotions.

This light never goes out no matter how hard the struggle.

I’m sure you are fully aware from the experiences you’ve had, that the heart can feel the emotions of sadness and bliss in equal strengths.

And because of that, blissfulness and sadness are linked, in so much as there is an authentic purity in both emotions, something that cannot be faked.

Sadness and blissfulness go deeper than normal ego intellect.

Your heart is the barometer for your Soul.

It’s sending messages every moment to the Soul, so that it can understand how much more it has to learn before it goes home to the light, to be at one with and in the light.

The longer we struggle, the longer we punish our human-selves, the longer we are holding onto that which does not serve us well, we are holding our Soul back from the incredible journey its chosen to be on.

If you will, imagine for a moment just how much your Soul wants you to keep moving forward.

It’s desperate for you to believe in yourself.

Your prayers and thoughts, your generosity and goodness must be planted with care into this fertile existence you’ve been given, so as to invigorate your intentions to be in harmony with life, universal wisdom, and the seeds of your unique creation.

When you’re able to fully engage with living sentient beings, by maintaining awareness, mindfulness, and wisdom, you’ll not only be contributing to the welfare of others, you’ll be igniting your luminous self, and as a result, supporting your beautiful Soul on its profound and wonderful pilgrimage.

An Essence of Spirit, having a human experience on this magnificent planet known as Earth.

Love Elizabeth x

There is no substitute for taking the steps to believe in yourself - Love Elizabeth

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