Hold onto your innocence of heart, at all costs! Because it is the spark of deity that you are born with. Don’t let the trolls steal your divineness.
― C. JoyBell C.

Our belief in the early years of childhood about the world around us is perhaps the hardest part of all innocence to let go.

The gap between innocence and experience isInnocence goes deeper than ignorance.

 It is that extraordinary and mysterious operation of the imagination, the part that can enter into fairy realms, the easter bunny, Santa Claus, the boogie man, knights shining armour, princesses and tooth fairies, places from which one is soon to be forever excluded.

Each of us fell into some magical image with passion, losing ourselves in the mysterious tales of wizards and dragons and imaginary friends.

The sting of disappointment that comes when someone bursts our bubble is incredibly painful.

Innocence is also the growth of self-consciousness.

Perhaps you were thrown out into a world bled of colour and meaning and you've spent your life trying to regain this magical feelings.

Is it possible to regain such a thing? 

Perhaps not as we did as a child, but certainly now that were are older, we can chose to recreate a certain feeling of bygone innocence, allowing the reminder of it within us to re-emerge like a butterfly, out and into the purity of mother nature, the exquisite essence of a young child and the love of who we are within, by unlearning all the things we've  been taught in life that does not fit with how we feel inside.

Love Elizabeth x

Elizabeth WeyComment