Self- Acceptance

Self - Acceptance applies to all aware and enlightened beings.

Its the right of passage to having peace of mind.

It is our responsibility to accept ourselves warts and all!

Of course there are things we would like to improve about ourselves - but hey, aren’t they the very reason we’re here?

Sadly, low-self esteem is pandemic in the world today.

We exist day to day, shadowed with feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness running amok just under the surface of what we show to the world.

Lack of self-esteem is the core issue of almost every challenge - and ones we created ourselves.

Unfortunately we manifest these lessons in ways that keep us locked into the grip of punishing the self.

The thing is, people with a strong sense of self-acceptance have come to understand that they have no need to control anyone other than themselves.

Self-acceptance also means not being to serious about yourself.

When we take ourselves too seriously we forget that it isn’t about self- punishment or being offended by others.

To have the ability not be offended by others and to be able to laugh at yourself when you make a boo boo means only one thing - you’ve learned to have realistic expectations about yourself - not too high - not too low. Just reasonable.

When you accept yourself for who you are, its much easier to accept other for who they are.

You can understand more fully that you are as entitled to the same good things in life as anyone else.

No more - no less.

It means you don’t make excuses, such as “I’m not good enough” I’m not worthy” “I don’t deserve to be happy” “ I’m not educated enough” “ I couldn’t possibly be as good as them” and so on.

Next time you have a challenge change you attitude with your thoughts;

Instead of saying “ That too hard.” ask yourself “How hard can it be?”

Allow me to speak a little about ‘perfect people’

They strive to be better tomorrow than they were yesterday. They do not think they are any better than anyone else - but they also are no worse. They are people who are a perfect work in progress.

They strive to be perfectly better each and every day.

To be perfect can also be soul destroying - the perfect house - the perfect car - the perfect body.

This is not what I’m referring to.

Its not shameful to work at being perfect.

That tired old disabling belief designed to control our awareness of self, is a manipulation of guilt and shame.

Its a control tactic. It holds us back from having a healthy realistic, positive view of ourselves, and therefore, of others. Just look at the media, they are THE perfect example.

Talk about manipulating our beliefs.

Mistakes are our growth lessons. When we make a mistake, learn to handle it in a healthy manner;

Accept responsibility - Learn lesson - Make amends if necessary - Move forward - GUILT FREE.

When you make a mistake it is something you cannot buy anywhere, or at any price - experience.

Embrace you mistakes. Learn to be a real live human and don’t take yourself too seriously.

Validate yourself and don’t compare yourself to others - we are all equal.

Learn to pat yourself on the back. Lose the GUILT!

Consciously focus your mind in positive things and reject negative self-talk.

It was once said by an esteemed man - the pioneer of self-esteem

Of all the judgments we pass in life, none is more important than the judgment we pass no ourselves - Dr N Branden

As humans being, we have the right of free will to be who we choose to be without judgment from others, provided that who we are does no harm.

You have the right to hold your head high - take a moment think about the beauty of your Soul.

Change your body language, your posture and show the world that divineness within.

Here is a mantra for you to repeat several times at once and as often as you can.

“I am strong, yet sensitive, Even though I’ve been hurt by others or made mistakes myself, it does not alter who I am. I deeply and profoundly accept myself warts and all”

And finally, don’t spend the rest of your life fighting who you want to be, and who you have a right to be.

Be who you truly are, right this very moment.

Love Elizabeth xx

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Everything we do comes first as a thought and then a choice. 🐸