Past - Life Experiences

When your mind is fully satisfied through comprehending who you are in your conscious awareness, you are much less likely to deceived by your stressful, emotional state of mind.

You’ll have the tendency to overlook harsh judgments, weaknesses and the like.

Instead, you’ll observe these difficult moments with detached candour, allowing yourself to strive towards a vital worthwhile way of living life, squeezing every possible positive opportunity out of it.

Most of us have had to drown out family and society’s perceptions of how we should live our lives, so we can discover our unique and amazing selves.

Now imagine all your present and past memories, as a kind of personal filing cabinet where a collection of conversations and experiences have been stored in perfect order.

Good and bad, these memories define who you are.

It’s quite remarkable how the mind has the ability to block things you don’t want to remember.

You might think that someone else accessing your sacred filing cabinet as an intrusion, that they could even enter into that filing cabinet of your memories., let alone interfere with those intimate recollections.

Except for one thing, throughout every lifetime you’ve experienced, it turns out that all those moments in time have already rooted themselves into your subconscious.

They are the memories that are written into your Akashic Records, meticulously recorded throughout those precious volumes is the history of your multiple lifetimes.

And these memories are constantly being reshaped by the experience you’ve had..

You can even create memories about things that didn’t happen.

The effects of overheard or misinterpreted conversations can linger into your long-term memory.

And alongside the intrusion of a false memories that we believe to be true, you can also sow a grain of doubt about the memories you thought you could trust.

This is why the Sacred Subconscious Technique is so extraordinary.

It gets to the bottom of your true identity in an instant.

Questions asked - Questions answered.

Where the beliefs of your tainted memories are tested.

The longest, strongest and most trusting relationship is with the ‘self’, seemingly it is built around those shared, interconnected memories from the past.

The lifetimes past, present and future, create the memories and destinies that shape our collective identities.

You are so much more than your current awareness.

Because of this, the opportunity to learn about who you are underneath all the confusion, to understand the reasons behind the traumas you've experienced , the people you’ve met, and so much more are essential to your well-being. People’s lives and the lives of the family and friends have been completely transformed when the blocks have ben removed.

Imagine having everything answered in one appointment.

Allow me to help you help you, to help yourself recall events in a safe and relaxed environment, you’ll soon find yourself doing things that you once though was impossible.

Come and experience a Past, Present and Future Life Regression, through the amazing very powerful Sacred Subconscious Technique.

We heal the wounds and traumas of this life and past lives with the presence of the Sacred Subconscious.

Releasing blocked energy and hidden hurts.

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How were you in past life? Where did you live? What did you do?What strengths did you bring with you into your current life?