There is noting funny about depression.

Millions of people suffer quietly.

There are many side affects to depression;

Low Self-esteem


Suicidal thoughts

Post Natal Blues

Childhood trauma

Grief & Loss

Hormonal depression




Anxiety and so many more forms.

Sometimes it can be that you have so much to give, it overwhelms you to the point you lose faith in yourselves.

Asking for help through these times is essential. There is nothing to be ashamed of.

Really there isn’t. Most depression is completely understandable and once it is spoken out, all manner of healing takes place.

If you, or someone you know is suffering silently, just remember that addressing your issues will you bring you back to a place of balance.

Mostly depression manifests itself amongst other symptoms, as headaches, stomaches, sore muscles, headaches and intense mood swings.

To eliminate hopelessness, that heavy weight of feeling lost and not belonging, means its time to look for someone you, or someone you know, can reach out too for help. To be able to feel you can speak about your needs without being condemned or judged.

For someone to listen without interruption, to be non-judgmental and compassionate.

At times we do need to seek a medical practitioner specialist and that is important to recognise.

Equally important is to seek alternative, non-intrusive natural ways to move forward into a lighter, happier future.

The idea is to lighten the load and enjoy life to the fullest.

I have a degree in Metaphysical Psychology. I also have a good knowledge about natural essences that have been highly successful in helping individuals to overcome depression.

There are many brilliant avenues that can be used to help you alleviate depression and provide strength and harmony to your mind, body and soul.

Nothing is so bad that it cannot be overcome with the right advice

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Love Elizabeth x

Elizabeth Wey MHs.B
Founder - Essence of Healing

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Author Earth - The Toughest Boot Camp in the Universe

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Don’t be afraid to reach out.

Love Elizabeth 💕x

Elizabeth Wey