Balance in anything, especially life, is only possible through being calm, self- belief and trust..

Our committment to love and health are the two most vital components.

Everything else follows as a consequence.

Our physical and mental health is reliant on the nutrients we give to our body, both in food and in thought.

The balance of our emotional health relies on the subtle vibrational energies that surround us.

Every day we absorb many different kind of energies, energy which we rely on, to be in a state of harmony.

As we learn to live a life of ‘in-the-moment awareness’, we can achieve a balance of love and harmony like no other form. This includes all parts of our human and spiritual journey with the self.

In creativity, family, general society, and naturally. the world.

We must to be constantly rebalancing , healing and regenerating our ‘selves’

The ‘life - force’ in you, is the same that is in me, and in all living creatures here on Earth.

. This force of life is the uniqueness of creation itself.

Every Soul is here for a distinctive purpose, to gain, experience, and understanding and the perfection of itself towards a complete comprehension.

We have chosen specific purposes and unless we recognise them and follow through, we will create a conflict within ourselves and when this happens , unfortunately, out of necessity, our body reacts in the form of mental and physical disorders.

The dawn of a clearer understanding for the possibility of a better life has arrived,

We just have to be brave enough to take up the reigns and ride our path of ‘purpose’

By listening to our body and mind, information that is directed through the spiritual, physical and emotional messages delivered from our higher selves, we will go long way to eradicating ill health.

The higher self has knowledge of all past lives and the patterns needed of further growth of the incarnating personality at the level of the physical plane.

The lack of connection and balance with one’s higher self brings about feelings of separation from others, thereby creating behaviours that reflect in imbalance.

Listen to yourself and be well.

In love and light

Elizabeth x


When we feel disconnected from our higher selves, loneliness and despair envelop us.