The Essence Of Who You Are

What is your essence? Who are You?

A question harder to answer than you might believe?

What is the sacredness that lies within you?

There is something at the core of who you are that embodies the whole of who your spiritual self.

This uniqueness defines us from each other.

You are so much more than our thoughts and actions.

By understanding the deeper part of who you are helps you understand why you do what you do and how you can apply that to having a more productive life.

This awareness brings about a responsibility that requires applying the newfound knowledge to your every day life.

Your Soul IS the essence of who you are.

It fuels the energy that you require during the course of your life.

The Soul and Subconscious connect to you through your feelings, to keep you illuminated to your state of being.

They are constantly working to impress upon your awareness, feelings that help to motivate and energise you.

They are at the core of your wisdom and they urge you into living your authentic self.

They are your feelings at every stage of your life.

They inform you of who you are, whether optimistic, hopeful, depressed or sad.

They give value and meaning to your existence, your relationships, your dreams and aspirations.

To understand the self, the ‘who’ that experiences all of this is to identify the nature of your essence.

This why your Soul and Subconscious are essential to helping you understanding your current state of being.

Informed knowledge of our feelings is essential to maintaining a loving relationship with ourselves.

A regression into the subconscious will answer everything you want to and NEED to know.

Love Elizabeth