How Intuitive Are You?

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” — Albert Einstein

How often have you ignored listening to that little voice because you just didn’t believe it?

To acknowledge that our inner knowing voice has value is so important to our decision making.

This little voice tells it as it is.

Generally, we intuitively sense these feelings through touch and sight  - a feeling comes over you that you need to be alert, ever wary. This could be an intense feeling, a prickly feeling that flows right though you, because in your heart and gut you know that something is wrong. 

There may not be any logic for feeling that way, but if you are alert to your inner- awareness, you intuition, you’ll know that know that you to trust those high alert and exaggerated feelings.

Of course your intuition can also bring into your awareness a feeling of goodness, and if this is the case you'll know it in your heart , because you instinctively understand that everything is going to be okay. 

Even though we receive messages in different ways, no one is immune to receiving them, even if they are ignoring them. 

Free -will in a heightened state can halt and change many an opportunity.

For some  of us we feel things, while for others they see or hear them,

For the fortunate? Well they experience all of the senses.

Intuition is you inner guidance from the subconscious, a kind of knowing, an internal compass.

Thoughts such as; ‘I feel a knowing, or I have a gut feeling, or my instincts are telling me” is the best way to describe how intuition can influence our actions.

Following through on a intuitive feeling that leads you towards a path that makes you feel comfortable is good, even when you are not so sure.

Though remain mindful of not confusing your intuition with a fear based thought. 

It can be bewildering, but it’s important to recognise the difference. 

After all, you don’t want you ignore an opportunity, because of a fear you’ve mistakenly felt was your intuition warning you to keep from seizing the moment and running with it.

Our fears and negative emotions usually express themselves through physical responses, allowing us to make decisions that feel as though we’ve just avoided the worst possible disaster in our lives.


IF….you choose to use this knowing, this instinctive awareness, a gift that you brought with you into this lifetime, you’ll quickly discover that you have everything you need to help you make all the right decisions, all the time knowing the answers sit right there inside of you.

purple ointuition.jpg

You really do know!

Listen to your intuition, it knows the way.

Elizabeth WeyComment