Spirit's Sign Language

Much like the weather, Spirit signs come in many forms.

Their signs can be anything from the unusual , coincidental or down right normal. since its their soul ho is usually sending it to draw in your attention.

These connections, signs, can include family, angels, guides and God.. They are generally stronger when you are asking for direction in a time of grief or crisis, or just the reassurance you are going in the right direction.

These sign are a validation of the unbreakable bonds between souls.

The more you notice signs and trust them, and spiritually mature, the more you’ll become aware of these amazing gifts from the other side.

So how do we know a sign is for us?

The thing is you’ll know. Its what I fondly call ‘a knowing’. Its resonates thought your body.

No doubts.

What dampens the doubt is your unwillingness to believe.

Faith is a big part of receiving messages and understanding they are for you.

Not ‘seeing’ a passed daily member, guide or angel is the only difference in their being present.

The only difference is that we just can’t seen behind the veil..

Is there a way to have a real-time two way communication with a deceased loved one? 

It is possible with practice.

 Open and clear your chakras, imagine yourself in a beautiful garden, and ask your deceased friend/relative to join you there.  The only problem is that you may mistake an imagined visitation with a real one.  It will be difficult to discern if you are just making up their presence in your mind.  One of the reasons people do go to a medium is because if they don’t know the deceased person and they don’t know you, and information comes through that is valid, you can be reasonably certain they are talking to your deceased loved one.  I, myself, would seek another medium if I wanted to communicate with one of my own deceased relatives.  That’s the only way I would know for sure.  Or I would try to invite them to a dream because I would know that was real.  But nothing takes the place of having a total stranger tell you about your deceased loved one and passing on messages from them.

Whether or not you are able to initiate direct communication with a deceased loved one, please know that they are with you, can hear you, and still love you.  And of course, they’re okay.  The only time I see an unsettled spirit is when there was murder, accident, or suicide, and even then not in every case are they unsettled.  The bright side to that is that these are the spirits that come through so easily for me, because they are right there and hovering, anxious to speak and tell their stories. 

I hear them call my name

I know it’s hard to lose someone you love and feel like you’re never going to see or talk to them again.  But nothing could be further from the truth.  The dead don’t leave us, they just change form.  Do your best to receive their signs and open yourself up for their communication.  When you think of them, send some love through that conduit, and who knows, you may feel some love coming down to you.

Typical signs they use are;

Animals- Insects - Feathers - Songs - Smells - Noise - Books. Anything they know you’ll connect to them is used to gain your attention.

Not only these kind of signs are used. synchronicity can be a sign too.

You might notice repetitive numbers on licence plates, the clock. even phone numbers.

We can feel chills, , pressure, heat, the brush of an unseen hand on our shoulder or a tingle on top of our heads..

Spirit will give anything a go to give us the comfort we seek.

To end this interesting article , I just want to say that signs aren’t just for fun to notice and talk about. They are actually linked to spiritual growth. Spirit uses lessons they leaned to help us heal.

Mediumship, channeling and past life regression are mother ways to connect directly.

Love Elizabeth

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Signs from above…