A Magical Fairy Workshop

The world of the fairy is a vast, wonderful realm.

Fairies and humans have long been in contact with each other, with fairy sightings being commonplace. Being the residents of worlds that are parallel with each other, the friendship between these fairies and humans is undeniable.

As such, the energy of humans and fairies can easily synchronise with each other, making communication very easy between the two races.

This wonderful workshop is for the young and the young at heart.

Come along and learn how to see them and talk to them…this whimsical workshop is where you'll also create an enchanting mini spring fairy scene.

It is a world where real fairies live, and where other delightful creatures inhabit the places they were born to protect.

Its also a place that exists side by side with this physical world we live in and is a place of mystery, wonder, and amazement.

Fairies are small spiritual beings that belong to the lower realms of the spiritual world. 

As such, they evolve like humans in many ways.

For one, they are prone to the same effects of nature, such as ageing and even death.However, their perception of time is a little different from humans, in the way that time for them passes much more slowly, making them age at a slower rate. 

$30 for adults

$20 for children 10 years and under.

BYO Lunch

Other refreshments provided. 

Sunday May 19th …10am - 3 pm

Wheelchair friendly.

Beenleigh Neighbourhood Centre 10-12 James Street Beenleigh -10am- 3.30pm

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9am- 4pm Monday to Friday

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There really is a world where real fairies live….