Free Will Versus Ego

I’m simply shocked by the outrageousness of some religious beliefs.

I abhor the emotion of; Anger

But in the case of outdated, controlling religious laws, demanding compete faith from the follower, well, I feel an anger rising up in my chest, that’s so powerful, its hard to hold it back.

Believe it or not, it was the ancient people of Mesopotamia who developed the rules and beliefs for the first religions, as they tried to make sense of their world and the people who inhabited it.

Their beliefs were created to give people something to hold onto when there was nothing.  

As the human mind developed, so did this awareness grow.

The stronger amongst us could see that control and fear were a way to have power. 

Opportunities arose for both powerful men and women to create various gods and ceremonies that would keep the masses controlled.

People cowered in fear of what might be done to them if they didn't succumb to a particular faith, thus allowing religion to affect and limit people’s freedoms. 

Religious influencers should remain silent and not knock on the door to our hearts.

Every singe human on this Earth is here to follow their own heart - they are not meant  to follow a faith that has been designed to manipulate and drive a wedge into their personal choices.

Leah Remini… she is the heroine, taking positive action against discrimination.

Religion is a belief  that can be held by anyone and that is fine, but this does not mean that everyone has to be accounted for by their actions through the laws of the Elders who see themselves as matriarchs, speaking on behalf of God.

There is no place of Ego.

Meaning that other people have absolutely no right to force their religious beliefs on others.

To have a particular faith in a religion should remain what it really is, a non-compulsory belief, not not a law written by the some people who indulged in the joy of manipulating through fear and control.

The religious issues in the world today are caused by the fact that some people see religion as the beginning and the end, no latitude allowed, their take on the bible as solid evidence and therefore law. 

Some religious beliefs have people taking their lives - daily -  causing untold mental anguish the world over.

You are your own person and nobody or anything has the right to control you.

Please do not interpret my thoughts as opposing religion, I understand that religion is important to many, a great comfort in time of need and provides an overall benefit to humanity.

But it can only be worthwhile if people are mature enough to realise that they have choices.

Free -will choices.

Some religion have the extraordinary power to  mastermind and  control our free will, creating their own laws, laws that stop us from growing.

In other words taking our freedom away from us to live the life we came here to experience for ourselves.

You did not come here to inherit the beliefs of your family, you are here to follow y our own heart.

Love Elizabeth x