Frustrated Easily?

We all have a certain level of tolerance for frustration that  can reduce  with repeated exposure to a situation or a person we find frustrating. 

We seem able to more easily manage our emotions at the beginning of a frustrating experience and with people we've only just met, but as time passes and our frustrations continue, our ability to manage steadily decrease. 

Certainly becoming more comfortable with someone who frustrates us also plays an important role in our feeling less constrained about expressing our frustration, in both positive and negative ways.

Frustration can be extremely toxic to relationships. 

It causes a build-up of resentment that  even when over only small things can ultimately overwhelm any desire to relate in a positive fashion. 

No one likes living in a perpetual state of annoyance or anger, no matter how much it may seem like they do.

Mistakes are made when we are holding onto theses emotions.

Frustration is the boiling result of repressed emotions to instability, anger, lack of self-esteem, patience and mindfulness in life. 

By bonding with comforting crystals that calm you, getting rid of frustrations is not that difficult.

Use your favorite crystal exercises including gemstone programming, grid, pendulum, amulet bag and meditation to use the following crystals during bouts of frustration, anger and aggression.

An excellent crystal that directly calms your nerves, pyrite is a stone of recognition that makes the wearer understand self-worth. Pyrite is known to relieve anxiety, if that is the root of your frustrations. 

This confidence booster gemstone was revered as a mirror into oneself, and hence, an emphatic antidote for frustrations in everyday life.

An important mind stone that removes confusions, kyanite does so by venting out repressed emotions. Programming with kyanite gemstone on your higher chakras, especially the throat chakra, will result in voicing your suppressed frustrations instead of a devastating meltdown.

Kyanite emanates stimulating energy that steers logical thought and shows reason during exhausting times in your life

Love Elizabeth xx


Feeling frustrated - carry this Kyanite in your pocket, wherever you go.