Animal Magic

All living creatures; dogs, cats, people, dolphins and have chakras.

Your pet is  tuned into you on many levels. emotionally, intuitively and physically. 

If your chakras are out of balance that imbalance can affect their energy system. 

For example just as a nervous owner's fear and stress will travel right down the dog's lead at the dog park or obedience class, so can our chakras affect their chakras.

Your thoughts and actions affect their  chakras and can exaggerate or possibly cause any issues of habits.

To allow you animal children’s  chakras to be in balance, they all need to be worked on  in tandem. 

It does no good to only work on, for example. the root chakra,  as the others that are out of alignment will have to work just as hard to keep things working. 

What we are striving for are balanced, harmonious chakras, because balance within their energy systems is what makes them happier within themselves.

When animals speak to us, they speak to us in a way that  there are no no hidden agendas. 

They communicate with each other on this level all of the time. 

It is natural to them as breathing. 

Animal communication is something that we are all able to do. 

We forget what is so natural as we reach adulthood. As we age, we discount what the animals say to us. We will say we have an overactive imagination or that it is not possible. 

Ironically, it is possible. 

Why not have your very own personalised one on one workshop at your home and learn the following.

Just as humans struggle with concerns and can be out of sorts - so can your pets

Four hours of fabulous connection to your furry children. 

Learn …

β€’ How to have a happier β€˜ dog child’  and  communicate with them telepathically. 

β€’ Discover what their likes and dislikes

β€’ How to balance their  TWO SETS  of Chakras 

β€’ Who their Spirit Guide is

β€’ What  kind of Animal is their Spirit Totem protector

β€’ Discover which crystal they should wear on their collar.

β€’ Receive a cohesive manual to remind you of the steps to take.

β€’ You can email me at here  or at

You’ll  be more than surprised at the outcomes.

Be kind to humans

Be kind to animals

Be kind to yourself

Love Elizabeth x

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This is my tough day after a chakra balance & healing .. Love Blake.