Cleansing Light

                                                         Clearing Impure Energy

This is a successful method  that I use for clearing energy that does not serve myself well. 

It can be done at any time of the day or night. Particularly after you have completed a healing or have been in places where there are many people.  Ground yourself daily, am & pm is advisable. 

You will find the light that radiates from you is like a magnet for all kinds of energy. 

It is important to be mindful then, that a regular routine of clearing energy will not only protect you, but also allow you to have optimum positive energy.

This is such a simple exercise:

Imagine yourself standing under a waterfall of brilliant silver white water raining down over your head and body, your feet standing on a sandy bottom, your hands out at your side palms up, or in case of  being in a shower, you can do this exercise in-situ.

Begin by saying:

‘Divine Spirit, Angels and Guides, I request that you remove from me any energy that does not support my highest good and return it back to the source for healing, and then shower the healing light  back over our planet for the good of human-kind’

After some practice you will feel this excess energy empty through your feet, washing into the sand and taken away to be healed, leaving you free of any unwelcome energy.

Regularly cleansing your energy is important for maintaining a high vibration, staying in alignment with love and joy, and for manifesting more of what you want to create and experience in your life.

Like it or not, there are all sorts of negative and dense energies that you will naturally come in constant with on a daily basis. And as a vibrational being, it’s normal for you to take on some of these lower vibrational energies you encounter.

So if your goal is staying in love, raising your vibration, and manifesting blessings in your life this can be completely counter productive.

This is why learning to cleanse your energy is so important, especially if you’re energetically sensitive, or if you're focused on progressing on your spiritual or ascension path.

The good news is cleansing your energy and uplifting your vibration can also be really simple.

By calling in your angels, and with their help and invoking a waterfall of Divine light you are filling your mind, body, and spirit with the highest vibration of Divine light and love…

This process works instantly to dissolve all that is not love into the light and to effortlessly help you to shine brighter, raise your vibration, and infuse your energy with more love, right now.

The good thing about invoking the waterfall of light to cleanse your energy, is that you can do it anytime anywhere, and you have an entire team of angels to support you and make sure it works!

Light is that powerful!

Love Elizabeth

Never should there ever be assumptions about the power of white healing light.

Never should there ever be assumptions about the power of white healing light.