Vows - Contracts - Promises

Sacred vows, deeds, oaths, promises, covenants, contracts, from this lifetime, and all lifetimes, in all realms and all dimensions in all time and space can be released.

Each particular vow or oath can be removed. As well, all the cell memories of the vows, contracts, can be released if the contract is compete or the person has fulfilled there side of the agreement.

In a Sacred Subconscious Regression , energy and words spoken, around the Sacred Contract & Vow and can be discussed in the hope of releasing a Soul from the promise.

The vibrations and frequency patterns of the vows within our energy system will be removed so that the soul no longer holds them to these vows or hold them back in their life.

Healing through the Subconscious is soft and graceful, gentle and understanding.

The intention with this work is to assist the soul to become fully embodied inits current incarnation.

To  release the past ways of working with spirit where we were taught to worship energy outside of ourselves, to stop the need to be of service to the detriment of our own spirit and lives so that we are here in this life to work freely, without obligation or contract or fear and to realise that we are the living Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine, that we are the generator of your own power, the channel for the forces of nature and to allow we to hold and share this power with trust and joy.

A session with the Subconscious opens beauty and freedom of expression, the sacred voice. The energy comes to release all binds, chains and ties to the past, allowing a person to truly spread their wings and cross the threshold into a life of grace, power, and a fearless existence.

It is not only in this lifetime that we make promises in a rash moment, or with genuine earnestness, made a vow or contract, that we later discover that it was not to our benefit and has held us back from moving forward in our lives.

The Universe recognises these contracts and holds us to them until have accomplishes the necessary steps for the Should to achieve oneness.

We hold the vibration or frequency pattern of the vow within our energy system.

Major contracts to clear include:

Poverty;Chastity ;Obedience; Engagements Marriages ;Servitude; Financial

Promises can be made in an unguarded moment with the best of intentions, such as “I promise I will never leave you” or “I will always obey you”. This may be a good idea at the time but it is very inappropriate and potentially damaging to imprison yourself with a promise to another that well may take advantage of your vow of eternal love or care and make life difficult for you.

Statements exacted as a child by even well meaning parents can severely hinder your life, health and happiness.

These vows, contracts and promises made from the past, or even the present, that can be released and removed with the support of the subconscious mind.

Vows, Oaths, Promises, and Sacred Contracts releases are gentle,

As mentioned earlier, through our previous incarnations, many of us have experienced spiritual vocations as witches, monks, abbots, nuns, priestesses, healers and warriors in our past lives. In difficult times we may have lived hidden away to keep safe from persecution or given up individuality in servitude to temples and religious orders.

This new awareness that human-kind is experiencing, we are being invited to step forward to share our unique gifts with love and complete trust that we will always be safe.

Many of us have a deep desire to do this, but it is usually without realising how strongly we are held back by these old contracts.

The soul recognises these contracts and holds us to them.

We hold the vibration or frequency pattern of the vow within our energy system.

During a SACRED SUBCONSCIOUS HEALING APPOINTMENT fears of the past can be released so that the you can embrace your natural birthright gifts and divine inheritance.

Here are a few of the Vows a person may have made in a past life:

Vows of Poverty:

Perhaps you had a past life where you took a formal vow of poverty. Or perhaps in this life or another you judged wealthy people as selfish and unspiritual and you vowed not to be like them. Indigenous people often associated money with the white man and so they considered cash to be evil and they renounced it. Perhaps you had a past life where you took a formal vow of poverty. If you struggle with having enough cash, you may have this vow.

Vows of Celibacy :

If you have a low libido or have difficulty attracting sexual partners, you may have this vow.

The vow of death before dishonour:

Relating to past lives as sacred warriors or soldiers and creates a block in being able to leave unhappy relationships or work that is deeply unfulfilling & even dangerous.

The healer's oath:

(forbade healers to use healing energy for themselves but to keep 'serving' others) To heal and release Past Life Sacred Vows and Karmic Contracts:

This gives us freedom to be the fearless healers, artists, teachers, light workers.

To experience this profound transformation, clears these binds of the past so that we can offer our immense gifts to the world again without fear of persecution, fear of being outcast, these are created from Vows of Secrecy and Vows of Silence as well as traumatic soul memories of being persecuted.

Many people have also come to release Vows of Poverty or The Healer's Oath which forbade them to be take proper payment for their work or created an energy of being so 'of service' that they were exhausted and found it hard to care for themselves as they cared for others. It has touched our hearts deeply to be able to assist others in sharing their unique and incredibly potent gifts at this extraordinary time of change.

How might your life change if you knew you’d made a vow that you’ve carried for multiple lifetimes?

Why not request an appointment to discover whats holding you back….

Love Elizabeth x

Oh dear,, that Vow. How it has haunted me.

Oh dear,, that Vow. How it has haunted me.