Does Atlantis Exist?

On page 75 of my authored book ‘ EARTH The Toughest Bootcamp In The Universe - Elizabeth Taylor-Wey, Chapter 11 is a story about a young woman who live in Atlantis, eventually as a Queen.

Here is a excerpt

“Are there schools of learning in your kingdom?”

“Of course, there is magic, there are crystals, the people learn how to live, they learn how to craft, to make potions, many things.”

I tell her I think that this information is amazing.

“I had children, a number of children, little girls, little boys, they were taught in the way of ruling and reigning.”

“Oh, that sounds very important and a huge responsibility. What else would you like you tell me?”

“My throne is very beautiful, you can see though it, it is made of crystal.”

“It must be full of energy.”

“It grew, it grew from the bottom, it is clear and has no colour.”

“How do you feel sitting on that throne, do you feel energy though your body?”

“Oh yes, I do.”

“Do you hold something in your hand when you sit on the throne?”

“I carry something in my hand all the time.”

“What do you carry?”

“A long golden staff with a crystal attached to the head.”

“What is its purpose?”

“I can create anything I want.”

“Can you give me an example of that?”

“I can give death, I can give life, I can create things.”

“So you can make things appear?”

“I can make things appear, I can make things turn, I can do anything.”

“Wow, that is extraordinary. I think you would use this very wisely?”

“It is not so extraordinary, but when I was young I was not so wise with using this power.”

I laugh and go on to suggest that there are always lessons to learn using magic, when suddenly this “beautiful Soul speaks again.

“It is not the same one, you know.”

“Do you mean the same staff?”

“Yes, you are correct, it is not the same staff. My children each have one, they all have the same clear royal crystal. Only the Royal family can use this crystal.”

“Who makes these staffs?”

“I do,” she replied.

“I see, how do you make them appear?”

“They are just there, they grow, they come.”

“Out of the ground?”

“There is no ground, but they grow.”

I ask if she lives under the water and she tells me she does. I ask if she has scales, she does not.

“Can you see the water from where you live?”

“I can now, but not when I was younger.”

You can imagine the difficulty I had forming my thoughts on how to question this extraordinary life, this extraordinary Soul. In hindsight, there may have been many questions that I could have asked, but in

“that moment, my mind was rather boggled from the answers I was receiving.

“But I’m intrigued a little as to how you are under the water, but you are not in the water.”

“Because I can see the water,” came back her frustrated reply.

“I hear what you’re saying, but do you breathe in the water, or are you in a kind of pod in the water, so you have water around you?”

“I can do both, there is water and there is home, it is as far as the eye can see.”

“Right, so they are all your kingdom?”

“No, there is my kingdom, and their kingdoms.”

“How many people live in a kingdom?”

She replies that millions do, and again I ask if she is ready to leave. With a sigh say says she supposes, so I ask why she feels like she is not finished.

“I can go from where I am sitting on my throne and reach out and touch water if I wanted to.”

“So you use your mind to create?”

“No, it is just how it is, there is water and there is not water.”

“So in my world, this would be called magic, a magical craft that someone can use to do things. It is a miracle in my mind, because I come from a different dimension to you, somewhere very different. We all come from different places, places you do not even know exist, yet your home seems so magical to me, so amazing.”

“It is just shiny white, nothing special.”

I thank this beautiful creature, this amazing Soul on a journey that is way beyond my imagination and move on.”

Atlantic actually began as an again culture many centuries before it developed into th eoinnical of technology and advancement that the legends record.

Thos of the more spiritual accord could see the end of Atlantis coming and reared to carry away from the continent the best of its achievements in healing, philosophy, technology and the Law Of One.

They planned even before the final submergence of their land, to carry away the important records on the developments of Atlantean civilisation to a place of safety. where it could be preserved for future civilisations the people could again learn to use such spiritul powers over nature wisely.

There is so much to learn. from this and of what they left behind of us to carry forward with.

The Essence Of Healing

The Essence Of Healing