The Teacher

One of the most controversial and essential themes of spiritual development is the relationship between gurus and devotees, masters, teachers and students

Spirituality means learning from your life without blending it with religion.

Spiritual teachers are the salt that gives flavor to our growth.

A real spiritual teacher will teach you a NEW perspective on your life - which also makes sense, but wasn't what you expected.

With good teaching comes;

  • Compassion

  • Humility

  • Happiness

  • Self-confidence

  • Emotional rest

  • Indifference to pain

  • Self - knowledge

Whether beginners or advanced, rust your own logic, your own experiences, make your own mistakes, learn and grow.

Have a courageous attitude and be inwardly prepared to expand your awareness.

So. what's a REAL spiritual teacher like?

  • A real spiritual teacher will be REAL - that is: authentic.

  • A real spiritual teacher will be a human being - don't imagine him or her as a saint.

  • A real spiritual teacher will confront you with things you did not know about yourself, or did not want to know.

  • A real spiritual teacher will be a good person in ways you perhaps didn't expect.

  • A real spiritual teacher doesn't just preach - he or she also practices.

  • A real spiritual teacher is someone who lives for others, not themselves.