This Is Why You Must Never Give Up

Anxiety, stress, guilt and every challenging emotion in-between has been linked to an array of illnesses, including heart disease and depression.

Whether it’s negative self-talk or negative beliefs, you can be your own worst enemy.  If you crack under pressure, what happens is you focus on all the wrong things and all the things that could go wrong to the point that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

In other words, you become your greatest obstacle.

Some of us subject ourselves to stresses of our own making, driven by unconscious memories from experiences we’ve had as adults of today, through the childhood years and particularly as young teens. These memories CAN have dire consequences. We just need to remind ourselves that they are not the sum of who we are.

For those who are under someone's thumb, and don't have an opportunity to think for themselves, they are the people who experience more anxiety than others.

Always having to please and rarely succeeding to make the dominant person happy.

Something that is rarely possible, because of their dominant nature.

In this case the balance of scales will definitely remain out of whack.

How to stop feeling victimised by unpredictable life circumstances is a big one and takes a lot of internal willpower to believe we are as equally deserving as the next person.

Stress is unavoidable, so bracing for it every now and then is the best way to cope.

The problem is, not only are we experts at imagining that life might collapse on ourselves, we’re also good at creating scenarios in our head.

Fanciful and wrong thinking as they may be, bringing negative attitudes into our awareness is not healthy, as it stops us from both facing and overcoming our challenges.

There is only one way to conquer sadness, anxiety, stress and exhaustion, and that is is by encouraging your self with personal accomplishments.

Honour your actions. Embrace the idea that you have a mind your own.

Know that you do have it within you to be your own person.

And when you feel that you're accomplishing something, pat yourself on the back.

Each and every time you do this, it will give back to you the control over yourself that you deserve.

A strength you most certainly have the right to experience.

Love Elizabeth ❤️

There is always a way up and out and there is always a light waiting to guide you.

Don’t give up!

Elizabeth WeyComment