Simple Drops Of Truth

Thoughts are energy and very powerful.

When you put yourself first you begin to respect who you are.

You realise your worth to yourself.

If you cannot see the worth in yourself how can you see it in anyone else?

We all have the same challenges to overcome.

Achieving inner balance gives us the strength to help others.

Balance and harmony come from knowing to look after ourselves first.

Your mistakes do not define who you are.

Self ‘awareness’ ensures you are travelling in the right direction.

This is where your subconscious and soul play such a huge role in directing you to your beingness. your true and unique self.

The only approval you need accept is your own.

Be patient and kind, because through thick and thin, your power and growth will always come from understanding the nature of who you are.

We grow in our own timing and it is not until we understand what needs to change in ourselves that the light switch turns on.

Imagine if every human took on that attitude - what a world it would be.

Be your own powerful self - through stealth and good deeds you will have all that you need to be happy.

Allow the light of healing and goodness to be your guide.

Love Elizabeth xx


Allow the light of healing and goodness to be your guide.