Never Lose Sight Of Who You Are

How did the meaning of life shift so gradually in our societies that we never noticed the changes?

When did we lose sight of our original harmony with nature and the spiritual dimension?

Did we become so self-indulgent with our new capabilities, ones that catered to our every whim and fancy, that we lost respect for the natural order of all living things?

How did we so easily become separated into so many opposing factions?

It seems to me that the humans with spiritual beliefs ( not necessarily religious ones) have remained true to their higher intentions , fighting bravely to maintain balance and equality amongst all people.

Jesus was such a person.

Those of us with a more spiritual accord can achieve more in all areas of our lives.

For me that is ‘healing’ my ‘self’ as well as others.

Even if we bring forward the most basic of our spiritual practices and ways of life, we have the chance to bring hope and carry on the highest traditions of spirituality including the idea of unity between all living things.

Working with psychic and clairvoyant skills for healing, we can use the eyes of spirit and look into the auric field to sense abnormalities, injuries.psychological problems and past lives.

The ability to heal directly with our hands or with our minds at great distances, is truly a miracle.

Ancient wisdom, carefully guarded for so long is now openly available for those who seek a form of natural healing.

Today there are many modalities of healing available , but for me the healing I do is very simple and it does not involve any modern techniques.

And they are; Acceptance without judgment .Simple and extremely effective hands- on -healing. Respect for the natural process of every human which is the cycle of life , death and rebirth.

By offering love and compassion and providing love and light.

We are the essence of God’s Divine spark.

Mostly this truth has been lost and confused by the people who wish to hold a ‘false power’..

The truth is to love and forgive ourselves is what we are here to do, just as they did 2000 years ago.

Nothing more nothing less. We have seen and experienced how distortions of our emotion nature and blockages of of our bailey to love and forgive can cause disturbances and imbalance in our chakras and subtle -energy field.

When we combine mental, physical and spiritual weakness imbalances with the food we eat, illness is often the outcome.

With a gradual shift of awareness the world over, the ability to heal spiritually can once more rise to take its rightful place .

If you have read this far - you’ve won a complimentary 40 minute healing with Elizabeth .

Either at my healing rooms or by distance.

To take this offer up, you’ll need to respond on the Facebook post by writing ‘ Yes please Elizabeth’

I will honour every response.

All I ask is that you write a testimony of your experience.

Kindness matters

YOU matter

Love Elizabeth x

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We are all sons and daughters of the Divine, here to love each other. 🙏