It Will Always Be Up To You

Daydreams can be either positive or negative,

Once we are consciously aware of our thoughts and behavious we can gain control over them.

Here’s the thing…if you want to be responsible for better outcomes in your life then you need to do some serious self- awareness exercises.

I’ve come up with an expire that may be of value.

Again it is a choice you can make or not.

There will be many occasions in your life when mayhem descends into a farcical moment.

And as humans we have a tendency to behave as if we were being punished for everything ever er done or said. Its as If we believe that of all the people why should something bad has happen to us.

Good lord, we perish the thought!

It will always be the manner in which we handle what is presented to us, I concede that countless people in this world of our have had horrendous challenges. In fact every day in there are dangerous conditions from which people are fighting for their very lives.

We meter out our own punishment and rewards to ourselves, and at times they are down right savage.

So here is the little exercise.

Try it and let me know how you go.

Begin by simply sitting and being in the moment.

This is a calm state of doing nothing, but also not trying to fight and emotion or thought that cones into your mind.

To help you achieve this level of calmness image if you will, standing under a small, refreshing waterfall. Concentrate on every drop of water, feel them touching you deeply and serenely. This gentle flow of water takes you deeper and deeper into a state of stillness.

Don’t worry if random thoughts pop into your awareness - just remind yourself that you don’t need to act on them. As you practice this beautiful experience more and more you will feel the tension flow out of your body, leaving you less stressed.

You’ll soon discover that you become acutely aware of your behaviour and responsibilities

As with any changes we make in our lives, they will make a quantum impact in all other areas, so you need to think about the implications very carefully.

The road ahead is uncertain for each of us, if we give ourselves the opportunity to make the necessary changes now, we can at least be more prepared.

Love Elizabeth xx