The Soul's Samsara

Samsara is the process of reincarnation, which is the evolution of the Soul.’s journeys to enlightenment.

The Soul has many rebirths until all its karmic debts are settled.

In the Hindi religion it is accepted that Krishna claimed to be able to teach humanity the “actions and inactions’ that would lead them to be liberated from the cycle of birth and death, that a person could be healed and liberated from Samsara, by being free from desires and anger.

To be completely self-controlled, self-aware and humble.

Recognising that the Universe is an illusion and being concrerned for the welfare of all living creatures.

It has beeb proven to me through the work that I do in connection with the Subconscious that indeed the Soul does travel what might be seen as the sea of life.

Vibrational medicine holds the potential to dramatically change the ability, to not only heal physical and mentally, but to also understand our Soul purpose. Once we understand why we are experiencing another life journey, we have the opportunity to change the direction of future lives.

To compete karmic debts and to free ourselves from what is often a challenging life.

The Sacred Subconscious Technique is effective because of its impact upon the subtle unseen hierarchical levels of human physiology, which includes the physical and ethnic bodies.

The meridians, chakras and nadis, the astral, mental, casual and higher spiritual bodies.

The ultimate outcome of the Sacred Subconscious Technique ( a valuable learning skill that is taught as a 3 month course at the Essence of Healing) is to understand how this life you now have fits into your divine purpose on this planet, further discovering the energies that impact your daily life.

To gain the understanding of your daily lives and health, will help you to comprehend just how we are all intimately linked with the continually evolving divine energy of the Soul

To completely understand how your physical and higher body is the unique vehicle that it is, a vehicle that allows for the expression of the Soul’s self- growth and self-knowledge is to learn that as a being of light your Soul is here to experience ‘opportunities for growth’ through your senses and challenges, and to absorb the wonders and beauty of this planet, the one we know as Earth - The Toughest Bootcamp In The Universe,

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Love Elizabeth ss

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