Love Conquers All

Acts of revenge do not repair trust or re-establish a sense of justice in any way.

An obsession to create an act of vengeance will always lead to tragedy because those kind of people are constantly thinking of a way to get revenge.

This obsession with vengeance has led people to getting hurt or killed in Christchurch.


How did these people come to perceive their inner conflict as one of abhorring religious differences.

This act of violent conflict peppered the innocent.

How can we ever understand violence?

Efforts at conflict resolution and reconciliation remain a puzzle.

Sadly there is no universally agreed-upon definition of religious differences - everyone has a different perspective.

No apology will bridge the victim's families of this horrendous shooting.

Thank God the perpetrator's desire to reclaim humanity FAILED

Let us hope that the families left behind can find some kind of solace.

Truth, acknowledgment, reparation, apology, forgiveness, and even retributive justice just has to make a different to achieving the goal of healing conflicting religious beliefs.

Banning weapons is a good start.. how do these people get such things?

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Forgiveness isn't something we do for the person who has wronged us.

It's something we do for ourselves.